VIN Based Service Menus

(M-100) Factory Based Service Menus

You will be able to present priced service menus based on vehicle VIN to your clients. All customer data is housed in the secure APS environment. All service data is based in factory owner’s manual information providing you an accurate and transparent method to market your maintenance services. Better and best menus are also transparent when adding additional (dealer suggested) services. This allows management to price the store for consistency. We present you a recap of each menu that will show all the parts and labor along with the effective labor rate. No more difference of price from the service advisors as the pricing is the same for all. Present a single menu (good) two menus (good-better) or three menus (good-better-best) Prepackage additional services, fluid replacements or pour in chemicals based on mileage or model or both. Increase effective labor rate be actually being able to charge for some of the “small services” that only a factory menu can provide. There is a provided drop down box so the SA can add any service, by op-code and fully priced to a menu. We provide the parts department with a “Pick Ticket” that shows all of the needed parts for each service. The process will require service and parts manager participation. Build time can be anywhere from 8 to 40 hours. Don’t let that number scare you as your APS team will be there with you along the way. Once this is done….it’s done, forever! Parts will update automatically with our integration and labor times are easy to change/update. We can also account and include in the menu price, shop supplies and sales tax (if applicable).

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Full Circle Data - VIN Based Service Menus

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Full Circle Data - VIN Based Service Menus