Declined Service Follow Up

Think about all the needed repairs that leave your store every day. How do you reach out to these clients today? Send an email a few days after the RO closes?  Perhaps you have a BDC caller contacting customers to remind them of these needed repairs? How do you measure the success of these programs or even really know if they are being done?  We find many dealerships do not have a process to mine these dollars.  Or the process is so cumbersome that service advisors do not use it.  Costing you thousands in lost revenue every month. Let Full Circle Data show you a better way that works!  Our process uses free form comments that the advisor inputs into specific areas of your DMS (or the RED codes from your MPI).  We download these comments, correct spelling, grammar and abbreviations, creating a message that your mother would understand.  Your customers will never see: ps blt needs repl $95.25 Our note would read: Power Steering Belt Needs Replacing We never publish a price as we don’t want clients shopping.  We also print the last 8 of the VIN on the card so it is tied the vehicle. The ROI for this contact is always strong generally over 15 to 1.

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