BDC Scheduler, Shop Management, Appointment & Online Scheduler, Rental Fleet Management

(A-100)  Appointment Scheduler / Shop Management / BDC Scheduler

Our appointment system is embedded in your dealer website can be easily accessed by clients.

  • You will have complete control the appointments offered via the web or BDC.
  • You can control the amount of waiting appointments throughout the day.
  • The total daily numbers of web appointments taking into account your overall shop loading.
  • All appointments are controlled by op-code, labor hours and technician skill sets.
  • We account for diagnosis time and dollars on items like Check Engine Light On.
  • Simple after the sale first service appointment process.

We can build the shop loading tool to account for: individual technicians, teams, lateral support, central dispatch, multiple advisor and technicians to name a few. In short you will be able to manage your available time in a way never before possible. If a client attempts to set a non-offered type or repair/service we display a message (that you have total control over) instructing them to call the store so a qualified team member can place the vehicle on the correct schedule. When a customer calls the dealership and a service advisor or BDC member is assisting the client the APS tool will suggest the proper appointment day based on selected op-codes and predetermined technician skill sets. Our appointment process can cap the day based on car count and/or labor hours. We can set separate schedules for Express Service, accessory installation, rental departments or schedule by specific technicians or teams of technicians just to name a few. Our shop management system is like an electronic dispatch board but on steroids. All appointments are displayed on the daily page. We display RO number all customer and vehicle information. There are also spots for SA’s to place phone call results and vehicle status updates. You can also send one way text messages, emails and set the next service appointment from here.

Our customer write up process is on one page meaning that all customer, vehicle, and op codes are contained here. Additionally you can access your menus from this page with the click of a button. When the RO is written you select submit to DMS and it pushed to the appointment screen where you input mileage, tag number, push print and you are done. Our BDC scheduler is just as easy to use and provides a “suggest” button for the operator to use that will only present appointments that apply to the op-code(s) selected. This takes all the guess work out of the equation by presenting the correct day and technician to repair the client’s vehicle. We also offer a walk around process and RO pre-write suitable for use with your favorite tablet. Again, a web demonstration is the best way to get your head around all of this detail.

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